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Pearson Ethics and Compliance Portal

Ask a Question

Ask a Question

If you have an ethics or compliance question or an inquiry regarding a company policy, you can ask anonymously and confidentially.

Example Question:

Can I accept a gift from a vendor our organization is considering doing business with?

Report an Incident

Report an Incident

This system makes it easy to report an incident about workplace issues like financial and auditing concerns, harassment, theft, substance abuse and unsafe conditions.


Select your location.


Where did the incident occur?

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Check Status

Check Status

You can check the status of your report or question using the access number and password you created when you submitted the report or question.

Call Us

If you would prefer to speak to someone confidentially, call us and one of our representatives would be happy to assist you.

UK:00 800 1777 9999 | US:800 461 9330

If you are dialing internationally choose your location from the list below for the international number assigned to your country. If your country is not listed click here for additional instructions.

Please note this is not an emergency service. Contact your local authorities if this is a life threatening issue.

Our Code of Conduct

You can find below, a link to the Pearson Code of Conduct.

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